Other Health Services

Why invest in health and wellness for your business?

Unhealthy employees take on average nine days more sick leave compared with healthy employees.

If your business has a large percentage of unhealthy employees, the overall costs can be significant.

Investing in a health and wellness program has many benefits. Not only does it improve the health status of your employees, it can lead to reduced costs of health care to the employer and improve workplace culture and morale.

Other benefits include reduced injuries or work-related accidents, reduced absenteeism, improved staff recruitment and retention and increased productivity.

Woman sneezing after contracting the flu in the workplace

Flu Vaccinations

Reduce the chances of the seasonal flu spreading through your workplace through our Influenza Immunisation Program.

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Man wearing protection for his ears still needs to have regular audiometry tests


Provide Spotscreen hearing tests for your workplace to help reduce the risks of hearing loss amongst employees.

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Elderly man in the workforce is most at risk of bowel cancer

Bowel Cancer Screening

Protect your aging workforce by implementing a convenient bowel cancer screening program at your workplace.

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Group of elderly people are enjoying a fitness class in the park

Fitness Classes & Consultations

Offer a fun and engaging group fitness program to encourage staff to increase their fitness levels and promote personal health and wellbeing.

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Woman getting ready to run

Step Into Action

A pedometer challenge, offered to workplaces through Spotscreen to promote physical activity in a fun and supportive setting.

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