Our History

How it all began...

In 2006, Karen Ong (Spotscreen Clinical Director) sadly lost her brother to melanoma skin cancer. This unfortunately was not a first for Karen as she had previously lost an uncle to melanoma.

Following this in 2011, Karen’s son Andrew (Spotscreen Corporate Director) also lost a good long-time friend to skin cancer, aged just 27.

As devastating as those incidents were, it drove Karen and Andrew to make a difference.

In 2011 Karen and Andrew launched Spotscreen, an organisation dedicated to saving lives through early detection of skin cancers and sun safety education in workplaces.

Since this time Spotscreen has worked with hundreds of companies across Australia and provided life-saving screenings to thousands of individuals.


The results of Spotscreen services delivered have been outstanding with many deadly skin cancers and other health concerns identified early, allowing successful treatment for Spotscreen’s patients.

Spotscreen clients have also reported excellent results with their employee health & wellness programs.

With a dedicated team of professionals, Spotscreen are proud to be one of Australia’s leading onsite health services organisations.

In 2016 Spotscreen was proud to be awarded as Winners of the Australian Small Business Champion Awards for Professional Medical Services.

Raymond and his wife
Karen's brother Raymond who lost his life to melanoma
Spotscreen team members
The Spotscreen Team
Spotscreen receiving award
Andrew (left) and Karen (centre) receiving award
Australia wide service

Values & Mission

We are dedicated to saving lives and delivering a wide variety of innovative primary health care programs to our workplaces and communities abroad.

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Sun protection at the beach


We support organisations and community groups who share the same mission to assist Australian workplaces and the broader community.

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Early Detection is Key

Despite all of the skin cancer warnings, the reality is most people simply forget to do regular self-examinations on their skin…

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