Early Detection is Key

Early detection leads to successful treatment of skin cancers

Early detection of skin cancers provides the best chance of successful treatment and survival.

Despite all of the skin cancer warnings, the reality is most people simply forget to do regular self-examinations on their skin. This makes tracking changes to moles, freckles and spots increasingly difficult and it increases the risk of letting a deadly melanoma go unnoticed.

However, it is important to know what to look for on your skin. Check your skin once a month for the following signs of change;

  • New spots or changing spots
  • Non healing sores
  • Bleeding or persisting itching
  • Spot differs from around it
  • A mole or freckle that is new or has changed in size, shape or colour
  • A persistent inflamed, itching, or scaly sore, or one that recurs

Even if you notice only one of the symptoms listed, you should report this to your Doctor within a week.

Encourage Your Workplace to Provide Skin Cancer Screenings Today

Spotscreen use world-class infra-red technology which detects all five skin elements that help identify melanoma and other skin cancers. With the ability to look 2mm beneath the skin’s surface, Spotscreen practitioners are provided five distinct images which significantly aids with analysis of a mole or lesion.

This ensures the highest level of care is taken to identify potential health risks which may require further evaluation from a skin specialist or GP. Our screening methods have been successfully used to assist in the diagnosis of thousands of skin cancers.

The risk of letting a skin cancer go unnoticed is simply not worth it – contact us today to organise an on-site workplace skin cancer screening.