Community Skin Cancer Programs

Be a Life Saver and Help Raise Important Awareness

Spotscreen’s community skin cancer screening & education programs are designed to help save lives and reduce the incidence of skin cancer in Australia. Since inception, Spotscreen has detected thousands of skin cancers on everyday Australians via community screening & education programs.

A number of these skin cancers were highly deadly, which has resulted in those patients being able to have their skin cancer treated ‘just in time’. Many of these patients had young families, or were even in the early stages of their life themselves – all being valued members of the community. The subsequent impact Spotscreen has been able to have to those individuals, their families and the community has been immeasurable. Something which the Spotscreen team is very proud of.

Having partnered with a number of leading Australian businesses and charities, Spotscreen community screening & education programs have helped save the lives of hundreds of Australian community members.

Past community events have included:

Spotscreen on set with the Bondie Rescue team

Bondi Rescue TV

Spotscreen on set with the Bondie Rescue team
Spotscreen at Aus Open of Surfing

The Australian Open of Surfing

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Spotscreen at Dowerin Field Days

Dowerin Field Days

Spotscreen at Purely Naked Skinny Dip for Body Image

'Purely Naked' Skinny Dip for Body Image

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How to Make Your Next Event a Life-Saving One

Spotscreen can provide an engaging skin cancer education and screening clinic at your next community event.

We work closely with all types of organisations to provide skin cancer health promotion initiatives, these include;

  • Schools & Universities
  • Community Centres
  • Community Groups
  • Sporting Clubs/Events
  • Concert & Festival Promoters

Our community skin cancer education & screening programs can be tailor made to suit your primary audience.

So don’t miss the opportunity to make your next event more meaningful and engaging!

Chat to us today and find out how we can help enhance your event – call Spotscreen on 1300 305 230.

Spotscreen practitioner checking skin
Community skin cancer checks around Australia

For more information on how Spotscreen can deliver this program to your local community.