Top 5 tips to shift the festive weight

Welcome to the New Year!

Amongst the joys of the occasion, a new year comes with its looming hangovers, throbbing headaches, many (animals and humans alike) still recovering from exploding loud rubbish filling the skies (Any alternatives to Skyworks next year?), the optimistic resolutions and sincere declarations of health. One of which is often based around food detoxing. Does it actually achieve anything though? Unfortunately the answer is no!

Detoxing is a legitimate rough process the body goes through when withdrawing from substance or alcohol abuse; not necessarily the call to action after eating one too many portions of Christmas pudding. ‘Detoxing’ from certain foods is not necessary as our bodies already have their own ‘detoxifying systems’ in place; the kidneys and liver. These vital organs eliminate waste products from our body, leaving it able to function. Therefore, if you have started 2017 with a few extra kilograms aim for a more sustainable and balanced approach rather than trying to live on green smoothies and single foods. These will most likely only lead to you falling into a heap after a week from a lack of energy.

Self-acceptance and moderation are incredibly positive goals, but they aren’t marketable. Keep this in mind when considering drastic diets that are ultimately unsustainable and can potentially lead to lifelong disordered relationships with food. The desire to eat a wider range of nutrient dense foods whilst moving your body more should be an act of self-care to yourself, not because you were shamed into doing so by some fitness guru or celebrity but because you chose to do it for you. Only then will you succeed in reaching your health goals through self-growth.

Our Top 5 Tips to shift the festive weight

  1. Make sure fresh produce is a priority in your daily meals. Aim to fill half your plate with vegetables and limit processed foods.
  2. Include protein in every meal to increase satiety and feel fuller for longer; lean meats, eggs, tempeh and legumes.
  3. Reduce portion sizes by eating off a smaller plate and if need be skip the second helping.
  4. Exercise! Aim for at least 30 minutes 5 times a week. Do it first thing in the morning, so it is done for the day, and include both exercises that increases your heart rate with some weight-bearing activities.
  5. Drink plenty of water, aiming for 2-2.5L each day. Try chilled herbal teas or plain water infused with fruit/herbs on those warm summer days.

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