What to Expect at Your Screening

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Before Your 15-Minute Full Body Screening

There is very little preparation you need to do to complete your screening with Spotscreen. Each full body skin cancer assessment is booked for 15 minutes.

However, we recommend to arrive at your screening a couple of minutes early so you can maximise your time with our practitioner.

Following your arrival, your Spotscreen Skin Cancer Screening Practitioner will;

  1. Ask you a few questions about your skin cancer history
  2. Begin your comprehensive full-body skin cancer assessment
  3. Scan any suspicious spots with our advanced screening technology
  4. Document your results onto your individual patient file
  5. Inform you how to check for and prevent skin cancer
  6. If required, refer you to your GP or skin clinic for diagnosis/treatment

During the Screening

As melanomas and other skin cancers can develop anywhere on the body where there is skin, a full body screening is highly recommended.

When required your practitioner will ask you to dress down to your underwear and to take off your shoes and socks. Should you prefer you may also wear bathers, boxer shorts, short gym pants or a crop top.

Our medically trained practitioner will then comprehensively review your skin for any unusual moles or lesions. At which time you may point out any areas or moles that you are concerned with. If any mole or lesion is at risk of being or becoming cancerous, the practitioner will use SIAscope technology to scan and review detailed digital images of your mole or spot.

This technology is completely painless and safe for all skin types. The system is also perfectly safe for pregnant or lactating mums.

From the scans produced your practitioner will determine whether further action needs to be taken into the diagnosis of the mole or lesion. If action is required, you will be given a suitable time frame in which to seek a diagnosis and treatment of the spot.

Our team will contact you at the end of this time frame in order to ascertain what the outcome was.

During your consultation our practitioner will also run over some important sun safe information which will provide you details on how to minimise your risk of developing skin cancer in the future.

After the Screening

At the completion of the screening you will be given information to take home which will assist you to monitor your own skin for any potential cancerous changes.

Spotscreen will also maintain a record of any of your suspicious or outstanding moles and lesions on our system so these can be digitally compared for changes at your next Spotscreen consultation.

Spotscreen also offer the highest standard of after screening care, including a follow up service to ensure your subsequent diagnosis and/or treatment was successful.

We Respect Your Privacy

Please note with corporate skin cancer screenings, the results of your individual screening will remain confidential and will not be shared with your company.

Before or following your screening if you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact the team at Spotscreen and we will gladly discuss your questions with you.

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