Spotscreen meets Australia’s Foremost Psychic, Scott Russell Hill – Preview

About this Video

Scott Russell Hill, one of the world’s most accurate psychics, has made impressive predictions in his career. His body of work includes the World Trade Centre disaster, the tragic death of Princess Diana and leading Australian crime investigators on a clearer path to solving the mystery of the disappearance of the Beaumont Children. However, there was one prediction Scott was yet to make that had a big impact on him personally. That was the skin cancer he was unknowingly carrying. Luckily for Scott, he met with expert Skin Cancer Screener and Director of Spotscreen Karen Ong.

In this 2 part interview, Karen meets with Scott Russell Hill to talk about what it was like growing up in Australia and how this has impacted on his life and health. Karen takes Scott through a skin cancer examination, sharing some results and exploring the importance of why regular skin cancer checks and sun protection is so vital.

Scott also shares some insight into some of the very accurate predictions he has made publically on radio, prior to them happening!