Karen Ong talks with Oliver Peterson on 6PR Drive about Mack Horton and Skin Cancer

About this Audio

6PR Drive radio host Oliver Peterson spoke with skin screening specialist and author of ‘The Number 1 Guide to Preventing Skin Cancer’ Karen Ong on Friday afternoon about Horton’s recent close call with skin cancer.

Last week, Australian Olympic gold medallist Mack Horton revealed that a fan had alerted him to a potential skin cancer on his chest after spotting the suspicious mole while watching him on TV.

The Olympic 400m freestyle champion announced through social media that as a result, he had visited a skin specialist and removed the mole immediately… and it may have well just saved his life!

During the 6PR interview Karen stated that around 80% of melanomas or skin cancers are detected by somebody who is looking at their skin regularly such as a partner or family member.

In Horton’s case, he certainly has a vigilant fan out there who has noticed this and made a very good call!